Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Color scheme (Extra)

In my previous status (Entitled color scheme) I forgot to put in a list of common color schemes and the elements/ideals that they usually represent. Some of these might come as common sense (i.e. red=fire) but others it might be new to you, so it's probably worth a look. Also, note that it's often a good idea to go contrary to the common color scheme for a certain element to give it a new feel. For example, Ben Cossy's self-MOC has a blue color scheme, but is given fire powers so as to go contrary to the commonly held perception that fire MOCs have to be red (Also since flames are sometimes blue, but you get the idea).

Monochrome colors:
Red: Fire, lava, anger, communism.
Orange: Also fire, some chemicals and acids, toxic waste
Green: Nature/plants/forest, air (For some reason that I've never fully understood), acid, mutation, greed, any animal or monstrous creature works well in green, camouflage.
Yellow: Yet more fire, the sun, some chemicals and acids, stone, happiness, lightning, construction machinery.
Blue: Water, magic, storms, lightning. Also, I've always associated industrialism with the color blue but that's just me.
Purple: Regality, power/electricity.
Black: Evil, darkness, underground, industrialism, coal, anarchy.
White: Also regality, light, the sun, good, law, ghosts.
Gold: Wealth mostly.
Grey: Clockwork, statues, stone.
Silver: Technology, weaponry, robotics.
Brown: Stone, wood, most animals.
Teal: Industrialization.
Tan: Desert, stone.

Double color combinations:
Red and yellow or red and orange: Fire.
Silver or grey with an translucent color: Technology.
Red and blue: Fire and water, temperatures, contrast.
Yellow, blue, or purple with black: Electricity.
Green and brown: Nature, trees.
Black and any other color: An evil version of what the color represents.
Red and black: Demons/devils.
Black and white: Darkness and light, contrast, Orzhov (That's an mtg reference).
Red and white: Medicine.
Green and blue: Seaweed, swamp.
Black and translucent orange: There was a fad a while back to make MOCs using only these two colors, called black fantasy. 
Light blue and white: Ice.

Three color combinations:
Silver, grey, and another color: Bytes, another building fad that could be brought back. Look it up.
Green, teal, and blue: Same as green and blue, but cooler with a rare color thrown in.
Red, green, and black: Savagery, good for a beast or monster MOC.
A light, medium, and dark shade of any color: Good for a MOC that you want to have a sort of camouflage feel or just to be a pseudo-monochrome MOC.
Red, white, and blue: America, England or France.
Red, white, and green: Mexico or Italy.

Please note that these aren't the only color combinations, nor is every element I matched with a certain color the only option for that element. For example, I said that blue is often associated with magic but really you could make a wizard character of any color.

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